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The "Semi-Trad" narrowboat is something of a hybrid style between the Cruiser Stern and the Trad Stern, allowing the more social benefits of a cruiser whilst retaining the style of the trad. There is a longer rear deck like a cruiser stern but most of it is protected by extended cabin sides, leaving a small rear deck to give the appearance of a trad stern. There are normally lockers within the extended cabin sides to provide storage and seating and the engine is located beneath the deck in this area.

Advantages of the Semi-Trad

More external space for socializing whilst retaining the external appearance of a trad. The addition of external rear doors at the back of the enclosed semi trad area provides extra security for retaining small children and pets whilst out cruising.

Disadvantages of the Semi-Trad

Same internal space restrictions for the overall boat length as a cruiser stern. As the engine is located beneath the rear deck, there is increased opportunity for rainwater to collect in the engine bilge.