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Living on a boat

If, like many, you want to live on a barge, the dream of living afloat needs careful consideration. Our brokerage receives many enquiries from people who would like to live aboard a canal barge whether it be a narrow boat, wide beam boat or even a Dutch barge.

As brokers for new and used boats, Boatfinder Brokerage is just the place for those who want to live aboard a boat and are looking to escape the rat race. They have canal boats for sale in Cheshire and all over the country and sometimes they are offered in residential marinas or with ‘stay aboard’ moorings.

Free guidance

So, if you have ever had the thought ‘I want to live on a boat’ or ‘How do I live on a boat’ why not contact us for free guidance. One of our sales team always wanted to live afloat and now has her own narrow boat. Her partner and their dog also live on board. They wouldn’t be without their multi fuel stove (often referred to as a log burner) for the cosy winter nights!

Many things need to be considered. For instance, do you know what style of boat you want? Cruiser stern, trad stern, semi trad stern and tugs all have their advantages and disadvantages. There are people living on all of these styles so there are no rights or wrongs. Our Beginners Guide to canal boats could help you choose.

What about the toilet system? Some prefer cassette toilets and others pump out loos. Eco friendly composting toilets for boats are becoming popular. So are solar panels which help to charge the batteries. Do you prefer more formal dining offered by an L shaped dinette or the aptly named Pullman dinette? Conveniently, the added bonus is that a dinette converts to a double bed. Condensation on a boat can be an issue with boat insulation another important subject.

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