Boatfinder Brokerage Services

Boatfinder Brokerage is a leading broker specialising in selling canal and river boats from home moorings as well as marinas, anywhere in the UK. Our service will help you to buy and sell narrow boats as well as wide beam boats, Dutch barges, river barges and houseboats.

Boat 140141 For Sale
60ft Trad Stern Narrowboat£59,995
Boat 120140 For Sale
60ft Cruiser Stern Narrowboat£34,995
Boat 120139 For Sale
53ft Cruiser Stern Narrowboat£39,995
Boat 120138 For Sale
62ft Trad Stern Narrowboat by SM Hudson£74,995
Boat 120136 For Sale
41ft Cruiser Stern Narrowboat£28,995
Boat 120135 For Sale
60ft Cruiser Stern Narrowboat£75,000

Buying a boat

Our website lists canal and river boats for sale, in a range of sizes, prices and styles, including narrow boats, wide beam boats, Dutch barges, river barges, and houseboats. We also sell brand new boats from reputable builders.

Selling a boat

Our brokerage service is highly successful in both canal and river boat sales so if you are looking to sell your boat based anywhere in the UK, we will travel to your boat and will put together a detailed, professional marketing package.

Latest Information

Our office will be closed from 2pm on Friday 21st December, we will reopen again on Wednesday 2nd January


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